Sunday Service in Life Groups This Week!

Sep 13, 2017


Praise God we all made it through the storm! I can’t imagine what a category 5 would have been like since the little bit we were hit with caused so much damage. As I write this, I am hoping to have my power restored today.

On Tuesday morning I was riding my bike on my normal route. I was going slower than normal just praying for the people of our area, surveying the damage, and honestly begging God for electricity. In the middle of my ride Holy Spirit placed on my heart that we should have some sort of church activity in neighborhoods. I was a little bewildered because I was not sure how I would do that since I didn’t yet have my electricity restored. I forgot that He is working on levels I am not.

I got notice that afternoon that Palm Beach County Schools are closed until Monday. Last night, Boca Middle contacted us to tell us  that Palm Beach County ordered them to cancel all leases through the weekend so they can survey the safety of the schools. Apparently Holy Spirit already knew this information and let me know that He is aware of our situation.

At Revival Life Church, if we take away the Sunday morning service, we are still the church! This Sunday we will prove that by having our service in Life Groups. We could have rented a ball room or meeting space but we know this is what God’s plan is for us this weekend. God put it on my heart before I knew I needed a plan. He is truly amazing!

How this will work:

If you are in a Life Group you are all set! Just plan to attend Life Group at 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning.  If you are not already in a Life Group, find a group near you that can accommodate guests on the map below.

What you can expect:

Each Life Group will start with a time of worship. There will be a time of prayer, and a leader will share a devotion and we will share a bite to eat.

What else:

That’s pretty much it. If you are able, you can bring a snack to share. If not, that’s ok. The church office still does not have  power and the phone lines are down but if you leave a message, we should get it so give us a ring at (561) 450-8555.