The Mission is now Revival Life Church

Sep 7, 2012

Dear Friends and Family of The Mission,

I am writing this letter to share the exciting news about The Mission’s next step as a church family toward the destiny God has for us. The short version of the story is that in obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit we are changing the name of The Mission to Revival Life Church.

The long version of the story details a fuller revelation of the call of God on this house and our desire to embrace our identity as a people.

The Mission started as a onetime outreach event aimed primarily at urban youth. I saw a generation of older youth and young adults that the church was not reaching. I had the idea that if we got rid of as much religion as possible, communicated the Gospel in today’s language, then demonstrated the reality of Jesus through powerful encounters with Him, we might be able to convert them to Christ.

With inspiration from the missionaries of old, we sought to establish a work that won the lost and little else. That one time outreach morphed into regular meetings which lead to people who needed more then an altar call for salvation. Soon we had barbecues and children’s church, small groups and weddings, discipleship classes and mission trips.

As the ministry grew the vision from the Lord began to expand. What started as a revival meeting became a church family. I stated from the beginning that we were not starting a church but it certainly grew into a church.

As the vision for the house grew, so too did my understanding of what it takes to maintain a life in the anointing.

I found that traveling to anointed meetings was a good way to get the fire lit on the inside of a believer but is insufficient to keep the fire burning. Jesus taught that new wine without a new wine skin resulted in the destruction of both.

I am now convinced that Jesus never intended for revival to be an event. He expected it to be a lifestyle. How else were we to live once we tasted of the Heavenly gift and became partakers of the Holy Spirit?

We are still a church that cherishes the times of powerful encounter with God. We love and seek the gifts of Holy Spirit and believe that one touch from God can completely change a person’s future. We believe more then ever that every single lost person is one revelation away from the Kingdom and we want to be the people to bring that revelation.

But now as Revival Life Church, we also embrace the Father’s desire that we be a community of believers building each other up and cheering one another on toward our calling. We are a community built on truth, empowered by the Spirit, and loving people.

In essence, we are a church that seeks to ignite revival, spread revival, and live in revival.

Tracey and I want to thank each and every person who has labored to fulfill the vision for the house up untill now. We have seen countless lives changed and believers empowered. As we fully embrace God’s vision for this new chapter we fully expect a fresh outpouring of His power and love along with new gifts and talents being added to the house.

We pray that you find a place for you and your family within the vision of Revival Life Church and that you will join us on this greatest of adventures.


Carl Thomas
Lead Pastor
Revival Life Church
Twitter: @Revival_Life